Skiing Packages in Manali

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Skiing packages in Manali depends upon group size, number of participants and type of skiing chosen. There are two types of skiing in Kullu Manali region, one is small route nearly 7 kms and another one is 14 Kms. 

Two types of Skiing Packages:

1) Short Skiing In Manali: Short Skiing is around 7 Kms stretch, the skiing cost in Manali depends upon group size and number of participants during season. This small skiing stretch in Manali is usually liked by most of travellers as its less time consuming and equally enjoyable. The famous Skiing sites in Manali for 7 Kms Skiing is just 18 Kms from Manali town,. It hardly takes half hour journey to reach Manali Skiing point from main town. Couples and Honeymooners mostly like this Short Skiing thrill in River Beas.

2) Long Skiing In Manali: Its usually around 14 Kms of stretch and mostly liked by hard core adventure enthusiasts. The long skiing or 14 kilometer skiing charges also depend upon group size or number of participants that would enjoy white water skiing in river Beas in Manali, Himachal Pradesh! 

Skiing in Manali is more economical when its combined together with couple of other activities like Paragliding in Manali or complete sight seeing and hotel packages. Packages for skiing in manali pooled withParagliding in Manali makes an exciting combo and travellers don’t need to worry about their schedules as everything gets fixed and done professionally! We will help you give an exciting adventure package that will help you save time, money and unnecessary negotiations withunauthorized people risking your life and holiday enjoyment!

Manali Skiing Packages For Couples & Honeymooners: Please contact us for complete holiday package that will include sight seeing in Taxi, Hotel Booking and Paragliding along with skiing in Manali. We will give you an unbelievable quote that will help you enjoy more at lesser charges!