FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions !

Travellers and guests have many questions in mind regarding skiing; we try to inform the most basic Frequently Asked Questions which will help to get an insight into the process of white water skiing activities in Kullu Manali region! 

Is skiing dangerous?
Skiing is thrilling, exciting, wet, wild and unbelievably fun. The Kullu Manali region has moderate skiing grades as compared to high risk skiing sites in other tourist destinations. However, as with all adventure sports, there is inherent risk involved. The risks are possible, if you don't follow safety rules, like not wearing life jackets, helmets and carelessly moving on raft while on go. Skiing safety is best assured when it is catered by expert professionals, new rafts and essential safety gear.

If I can't swim, can I still go skiing?
Yes, anyone can go for skiing, but we don't recommend skiing for minors and children below 12 years of age. Even a non swimmer can enjoy skiing. In case of emergency if you are wearing life jacket and proper helmet, the safety gadgets of equipment will keep you afloat in the event that you find yourself in the river. Many non-swimmers go on Skiing in Manali, and other skiing trips, and they have a great time.

How fit should I be to go skiing?
Any normal human being is usually fit or capable for enjoying skiing and adventure fun. You should be reasonably healthy, and must be able to fit into the life vests supplied by your outfitter. Other than fitness, you should obey safety and precautionary instructions from your skiing guide and instructors. You should not be prone to hydrophobia (fear of water) and have normal health, that's enough for Skiing in Manali.

What should I wear while having Skiing?
An extra pair of clothes would help as water splashes may wet your outfit. Your clothes/accessories/gear will depend on the time of year, water temperature, and weather for your trip. As a rule of thumb we recommend you dress for the water temperature, rather than the air temperature, since you'll be getting wet. Avoid wearing sandals as they don't offer as much protection, and tend to come off easily in a swim. Sunglasses, especially prescription glasses, should have a croakie or other retainer that cinches tight. Consider a hat cord to tie your hat to your life jacket as well. In warmer weather, and late season warmer water, shorts and a T-shirt are good. Use sunscreen, but don't put it on your forehead, or the backs of your legs. It may run into your eyes, or cause you to be slipping all over the boat.

Which trips are best for me?
Kullu Manali region has normal skiing grades and only two routes for skiing at Manali usually happen. One is 7-8 Kms route and another one is 14 Kms. Usually it depends on how much time you can spare for these routes. If you have ample free time, you can go for 14 Kms or usually 7-8 Kms skiing in Manali is normally like by guests, this small route has best grades which is skiing lover is actually looking for.

What are my chances of falling out of the boat? What should I do if I do?
Normally the chances of falling into river are 1 out of 1000. Many people have taken multiple trips and never fallen in. It's all a part of skiing. Before you go on any trip, you'll be given extensive instructions on what to do if you fall in, and how to stay safe. Follow your guide's instructions, and keep your excitement levels normal, over excitements create confusions. Just listen Carefully about the briefing of Skiing Guide, and leader, he will guide you about sitting stance, grip and posture. Remember Skiing is Adventure sport, and you have to be responsible for what is instructed !

Can I bring my camera or video camera?
We don't recommend bringing digital/ video cameras, or even expensive still cameras, on trips. Many people bring disposable waterproof cameras, which work just fine. And While skiing the complete focus should be on maintaining balance and Grip of self, not on clicking pictures ! This task can be given to person in group who is not doing Skiing, he / she can manage good clicks for this Skiing tour !

Should I give tip to my guide?
Tipping is certainly appreciated by the guides, yet its not compulsory. Guys work hard to make sure you have a fun, yet a safe skiing trip in Manali. If you feel your guide has done a good job, keeping you entertained, and sharing the wonderful river environment with you, then feel free to show your appreciation

Skiing for Kids -Important.
We strictly do not recommend skiing for small kids, and even below 12 years. Kids normally do not have proper control of their own bodies in adverse circumstances and skiing is an adventure sport that needs self monitoring as well as taking care. We Strictly Discourage Skiing for Small Kids !